The Coolest Guy on the Planet Reminds Us, We are LIMITLESS!

Earlier today I was so frustrated about a new light for my performance arriving broken that I nearly let it ruin my entire morning. Now, after watching this video, I not only have my whole day in perspective, but my life as well.

This is a new clip from an inspirational speaker named Nick Vujicic. I shared his story with you in a post about a year ago.  Take a minute to watch this new video and transform the way you view your life, and the lives of those around you.  Yeah, it’s that good.  If I were booking a speaker, Nick would be my first choice. Then me. 🙂

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Kelly Croy is a chalk artist and professional speaker. His presentations have entertained and amazed audiences across the nation including corporations, schools, churches, conferences, and wherever people come together to be entertained and improve their lives. Please consider booking Kelly for your next event.

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