America’s Got Talent Underestimates This Contestant: Follow Your Dream!

Follow your dreams!  

I must admit, I have never been a fan of American Idol nor America’s Got Talent, but the shows are starting to grow on me after viewing this video. I just don’t like the judges’ condescending attitudes. I realize judges are supposed to evaluate, but as a veteran teacher and coach I think that needs to be done in a nurturing way.  I’m certain American Idol’s popularity has something to do with the cruelty of the judges toward contestants.  That’s too bad.

With that said, here is an inspiring video that encourages all of us to chase our dreams and a reminder that we should never judge others on appearance alone. I enjoy this video so much because the singer is so underestimated when he takes the stage and ends up receiving a standing ovation.  Amazing!  (Those smirks are soon wiped clean off the judges’ faces.)

Whatever your dream is, go after it today! Be relentless in your pursuit for doing what you enjoy.

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~ Kelly

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