First to Fix or Find Fault?

When something goes wrong how do you react?

Are you first to identify it? That’s good. We need people that can identify areas for improvement, but something still needs to be done about it.

Are you first to vocalize a complaint about it? That could be good, because others could suffer or be harmed by a fault that hasn’t been identified, but again, something has to be done? Did your vocalized observation put some solution into action?

Are you first to fix it? That’s great! We really need problem solvers in the world. There are a lot of people quick to identify problems, but so few to act.

People pride themselves on delegating problems onto others. I think that can be very useful at times, but more often than not, there are just so many little things we can all do that would make the world easier for each other. We are so quick to evaluate problems of all different sizes as not our problem. That piece of paper in the hallway, not mine. The snack machine isn’t working, well, someone else will report it. And so on.

We spend our day with our list of to-dos, and job descriptions, but we fail to realize there really is a whole world of problems that aren’t on anyone’s list. They grow, multiply, and eventually hurt people.

Every now and then we spot someone special that seems to go out of his or her way, to fix a problem that clearly isn’t their problem. And we think, “Wow! I’d like to be like them.” And we either do, or don’t emulate their actions. In reality, we would find that they didn’t really go out of their way much at all. In fact, they not only made their day easier by fixing that problem, but ours’ as well.

So, go ahead, and be first to fix it.  See what happens.