Whether I am in the classroom, speaking on stage, writing, or creating art, my goal is to inspire people to live richer and fuller lives.

I was born into a creative family with the belief that everyone has special and unique talents to be shared with the world.  My goal setting and passion for adventure continued in the Boy Scouts where I earned the rank of Eagle Scout. The Eagle rank wasn’t just an award, it represents the principles by which I live my life.

At an early age, I recognized a desire to improve myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I saw too many people focusing their attention on just one area and living an incomplete life.  I aspire for the ‘complete package’ and balance in all areas.

My interest and passion for art began at an early age.  According to my mom, I was drawing pictures since before I could walk. I always loved to see my pictures hang on the refrigerator. Today, I am blessed to experience that same feeling of accomplishment and pride sharing my art and message with thousands each year on stage. My live art performances combine the dramatic motions of a live art performance with art, music, computer animation with an inspirational speech. My artistic performance and computer animation creates the illusion of bringing the artwork to life that truly mesmerizes audiences.

My over twenty-seven years in the classroom as a teacher and a coach, combined with my experiences in the professional world as the founder of three successful companies provides me with the unique ability to connect with any age, and with any group.

My message is simple yet profound, to live a life uncommon by pursuing your dreams relentlessly, impacting the lives of others, and welcoming discipline and challenges as a way to grow.

I am an Apple Distinguished Educator, A Google Certified Innovator, a PBS Digital Innovator, and the Director of Innovation and Instruction at Port Clinton City Schools District.

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