Remember: Losers Don’t Have Accountability Partners

When I was little I had a goldfish.  He didn’t last long. I overfed him. He died getting too much of a good thing. The food poisoned his water.

I got a second goldfish. This time my sister was assigned the job of monitoring my care of the little guy; he lasted considerably longer.

Sometimes in life we need an accountability partner that keeps us on the right path. They help us stay true to our dream, our goal, our creed.

An ideal accountability partner is someone that will be honest with you.  They have the courage to correct you when you out of line.  They hold you to a high standard. They ask tough questions. They  can humble themselves enough to compliment and encourage. They call you out when you need it, and they defend you when you’re right. They check in on you, whether you like it or not. They will not let you walk down the wrong path. They will not let you quit. With them you become better.

A tall task to ask of anyone.  So, don’t ask.

I have numerous accountability partners.  It seems I have one for nearly every interest. I have a buddy I workout with, and he encourages me to do better physically.  I have other friends that help me along my spiritual journey. They send me words of wisdom and encouragement, especially when I am down or in a dark place.  I have accountability partners that check on my writing progress, my art, even my marketing and finances.  They encourage me to do more, be more, become more. And, I asked none of them to do it.

The accountability partners you need in your life are already in position. They have been with you with you for years. You either are, or are not, listening to them. If you are sure you don’t have any, stop, and listen harder. They’re there. They’re the ones telling you, you are enjoying too much of a good thing or not doing enough. Listen.

Accountability is one of the biggest keys to success I have ever discovered. Practically anyone can write a goal down on a piece of paper, but how do you keep yourself on track?  The power of an accountability partner is remarkable.  Find someone whose life in some way captures your admiration and respect and you will be on your way.

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary became the first man to summit Mt. Everest. Please know there were over 400 accountability partners with him on that expedition. He could not fail.

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