How NOT to Handle Your Bad Day!

I’m sure by now you have heard several accounts of the JetBlue Flight Attendant, Steven Slater, who was having a bad day, and decided to cuss-out the passengers he was supposed to be caring for, aboard JetBlue Flight 10512 over the public address system, grab some beers, deploy the emergency slide, and flee for his nearby home where he was arrested. If you haven’t, click here to read the story that is truly stranger than fiction.

Now, before I sound off on Steven Slater, and I will, let me assure you I laughed heartily and truly couldn’t get enough of this modern day spin of  Take this Job and Shove It, when the news first broke. What an odd and hilarious story.

And then reality set in.

Despite how the media portrays what happened, Steven Slater is no folk hero, and his actions are anything but admirable. Sure, we all at times get frustrated with coworkers, customers, bosses, and our jobs, but Slater’s actions are troubling. It makes a great headline and some incredible conversation, but nothing more.

Admittedly, I do not know all of the events, but I feel very safe saying he went overboard. We all have moments that could certainly make the beginnings of a bad day, but it’s only when we surrender to that moment does our day go south and end up sour.

What should we do to prevent a bad day? Here’s my advice:

1) Give up some gratitude! When you feel the pressure building to a point that you aren’t sure you can handle it, start thinking of people, situations and things in your life that you are thankful. When you start thinking about what you are thankful for it puts your life in perspective.  You remember it’s not just you. Others are counting on you.  And the biggie… many, many people have it worse than you and would trade spots with you in an instant.

2) Hit the restart button. There is no reset button, because you can never erase the score or reset the number of your lives, or turn back the clock in life, nor would you really want to. (You’d never get anywhere.) But you can hit the restart button and give it another try.  Your bruises don’t magically go away, and you may have to apologize, but you can restart your day at any time regardless of how bad it gets.

3) Do the next right thing. You do not have to be perfect.  In fact, you can’t. No need trying. Just try to do the next right thing.  Just one right thing at a time. Live in the now and make it count.

4) Find the funny. There is something funny in every situation. Try to find it. Have a laugh. Point out the ridiculous and the absurd, then get back at it.

5) Call a time out. Find a co-worker, your boss, anybody, and tell them that you need a minute or two to collect yourself. Do whatever you need to do to get away from the situation and get a super-short break.

We have a responsibility to others, a responsibility to contribute to society and we are accountable for all that we do, as well as what we don’t do.

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