Declaring Your Independence!


We all know Independence Day is July 4th.  Other than our birthday and our mom’s, it’s the most important birthday to know. While celebrating our country’s freedom during the month of July, I challenge you to free yourself from something that is taxing you and holding you back. 

While any day is a great day to make yourself better, July does offer us that halfway point of the year to reflect. It is a great opportunity to declare “halftime” and see what we have accomplished and what we need to get after before the year ends. 

Have you worked hard this year? With six months to go it is indeed halftime. Celebrate your accomplishments, make needed adjustments, and win.  Ask yourself my favorite three questions: What do I need to keep doing? What do I need to stop doing? What do I need to start doing?

Whether you decide to live a healthier lifestyle, be a little more frugal, or work on a dream or bucket list, the fourth can be a day you look forward to for your personal independence. Give yourself this gift. Give your future self this gift. Each year, look back and celebrate the freedoms you have given yourself. 

Freedom from financial worry, a health crisis, stagnation are all possible with action.  In life there is always someplace to go. There is no summit.  Keep moving forward.  Movement is life itself. 

Kelly Croy is a professional speaker and speed artist.

He has entertained and amazed audiences across the nation

with his art and words. 

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