Shoot for the Moon


Moon Landing: July 20, 1969. This marvelous accomplishment of human exploration encourages all of us to take one small step toward some big goal today. Today. A reminder that anything is possible. 

Still doubting yourself? Consider this, you have more resources in your hand right now and at your disposal, than NASA did then, and I imagine your goal is somewhat less challenging than a moonshot. Get after it.

Here’s How to Launch Your Dream:

  • Define The Mission: What is it that you want to accomplish? What is your vision? Keep it short. Write it down. I recommend writing a sentence or two about what you want to accomplish and what it will mean to you and others if you succeed. Set a completion date. Don’t alter it. Keep moving forward. 

  • Outline the Plan: Define what steps need to be accomplished and by when. Outline all the resources you have at your disposal. Do everything you can not to create a list of resources you need as this is a trap and will delay you from your goal.
  • Build Your Team: Figure out who you have at your disposal that can help you. Reach out to them in a very brief email or phone call.  Explain what you want to do and ask them for their small contribution. 
  • Fuel Up: You need some rocket fuel. Become absolutely decided in this venture and create emotional leverage of what accomplishing this will mean for you and others. Don’t make this a hobby, make this a destination that you will travel to with daily intention and work.  Gather whatever you can immediately and begin knowing you will finish. 
  • Countdown: Have your date to be completed firmly established. Nothing will stand in the way of the launch. There will be no delays or setbacks. You need no funds or resources. Move forward. If you can set a countdown timer on your phone so you know the due date.  I have a countdown app for this. Work every single day regardless of location or circumstance. 
  • Launch: Begin the work. Work every day. Do not stop. Whatever you have when the due date is finished, ship and announce it. Publish, post, share, whatever you can when you hit your deadline. Be proud of your progress. 
  • Celebrate: You really must celebrate what you have accomplished. Do something for yourself with someone you love to celebrate the accomplishment. 
  • Reflect: You need time to think about all that went well, what didn’t, and all you learned. Apply these lessons to your next project. 
  • Set a new Goal: Do it all again. Begin a new project. 


Kelly Croy is a professional speaker and speed artist.


He has entertained and amazed audiences across the nation


with his art and words. 


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