Before Booking Your Next Speaker…

So you want to be a professional speaker

I share my art and words with dozens of organizations each year as a professional speaker.  I help meeting planners make their events, one everyone will remember. I have had the honor of working alongside some of the top event planners in the nation, as well as some big names in the speaking and entertainment industry. I know first hand how important it is to make a good decision when booking a speaker.

I believe there are some key areas to focus on, and important questions to ask when booking a speaker:


  • Will the speaker customize the presentation? If so, to what degree, and how?
  • Is the speaker entertaining as well as informative?
  • How will the speaker’s presentation be unique from those we have had in the past?
  • Is the speaker appropriate for our audience?
  • Where in our program will the speaker be most effective? At the beginning? Before a meal?

Lasting Impact

  • Will the speaker’s words and presentation be remembered?
  • What will our audience take away after the presentation?
  • Does the speaker leave anything behind, or when he walks out the door, is that it?
  • Will the speaker be accessible before or after the presentation to the audience, and if so, to what degree?

Business Matters

  • Does the speaker or his office respond quickly to emails and calls?
  • Does the speaker’s fee fit within our organization’s budget?
  • Will the speaker offer any products to our audience?
  • Does the speaker have a press kit, contract, and other materials to help us in the decision making process?
  • What travel fees and other expenses will we need to cover?
  • What will our responsibility be after booking the speaker?
  • Can the speaker provide samples and testimonials?

These are questions to discuss with your speaker before booking him or her for your event. The process should be a discussion.  If the speaker or his staff is difficult to work with during this preliminary stage, then it is a good bet he isn’t right for your event.

I am proud of the presentations I have created and shared over the years, and my clients are happy to share their praise.

If you are considering me for your event, rest assured that:

  • my words, artwork, and computer animation will be customized for you!
  • my presentations are fun and inspiring for everyone in the room.
  • I will work with you to make your event one everyone will be talking about years later.
  • my assistant and I will respond to your inquires quickly and thoroughly.
  • I will leave behind a HUGE six foot by eight foot signed original piece of art, and customized art print for everyone!
  • you will enjoy working with me, and you will be provided with the materials needed to make an informed decision.

Here are just a few of the ways my presentations are used:

  • conference keynote presentations.
  • corporate leadership meetings.
  • award and recognition dinners.
  • annual meetings and banquets.
  • leadership events.
  • anywhere inspiration and entertainment are needed.

Kelly Croy is a professional speaker and artist.

He has entertained and amazed audiences across the nation

with his art and words. 

Please consider booking Kelly for your next event.


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