The Secret to a Successful Resolution: Fail Again and Again!

Kelly croy artist speaker educator

The starting point of anything can be a little intimidating, especially if it’s your first time.

If it’s a race, you might compare yourself to other runners, question the course, or start predicting what could go wrong. If it’s a financial goal, your initial deposit may look so minuscule in comparison to the total amount needed that you begin to second guess even starting.

Goals, resolutions, and habits are what transform us and bring out the best in us, but they really don’t need to be complex and stressful. They need to be fun and engaging.

Run your race, not the guy’s next to you. Plan your financial portfolio, not your coworkers’. Create your plan and personalize your goals with your life.

A new year, a birthday, the start of the month, even the first day of the week can provide us with an opportunity to begin something new, begin something needed, and chart a new course. It’s nice to have those clean-slate moments on the calendar.  Embrace them. Use them to your advantage!  It’s also important to remember, any time is a good time to start something worthwhile.

Most people abandon a resolution because they mess up and ruin a ‘perfect run’ of the habit they wanted to create. Well, don’t worry. You’re going to mess up, miss a day, and make a mistake.  That’s part of the success formula.

The secret to successful resolutions is what you do after you had a setback. You just start again. It really is that simple, but so many fail because they refuse to begin again.

Fail, fail, fail, your way to success. Edison’s 10,000 lightbulb filament failures, and Disney’s 300 failed attempts to find a financial backer, combined with every person who’s ever lost weight, quit an addiction, destroyed debt, or ran a race will remind of us that setbacks will occur and we must persist. Failure is a key ingredient.

When you fail give yourself a opportunity to adjust, make corrections, and set a new course. Perhaps you need to consult someone who has had some success in this area, but don’t wait. Keep failing. Keep collecting data. Keep trying. Never wait until you have the equipment, money or time, because you never will. Just start.


Many people, myself included, find great value in writing goals and resolutions down and keeping a journal of the progress. Maybe you will too. Try it.  There is no wrong way to begin anything.

I am firmly convinced that if you make 364 attempts at anything, by the 365th you’re going to be pretty darn good at it and see some major accomplishments.

Good luck.

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