This is the year I resolve to…

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The new year offers each of us an opportunity to renew and refresh our lives. It can provide us with an opportunity to look forward and plan new adventures, new goals, and imagine new possibilities. It allows us to forgive ourselves for past mistakes and imagine a new life.

Yes, we can do this at any time in the year, it doesn’t have to be the first of January, but when the calendar turns to a new year there is a genuine feeling of renewal; it is like hitting the reset button on a computer game, or buying a new car.

Many people dismiss the idea of making a resolution. They believe resolutions are a waste of time. And for many it is, because they approach it the wrong way. I see it quite differently. To me resolutions are a part of my life plan. They provide me with direction and purpose.

Should you create a list of resolutions? No question about it. Absolutely! Just make it a “resolution” not something less. A resolution by definition means unwavering. It all comes down to word choice.

For most, it’s not a resolution, it’s a wish. Here are the things I’d like to have happen, but I don’t really want to put anything into it.

A resolution is far different. Here is what I resolve to accomplish. I won’t let anything stand in my way. This is the person I am committed to becoming.

What if I fail? Oh, you will fail, and plenty of times. The person who made a wish quits, and the person who made a resolution tries again. On the same date the following year, everyone that made a resolution is in many ways better off, and those that made wishes are at the same place, or sadly more often worse.

The consistency and discipline needed to

improve in one area, say dieting, carries over to others, say spending less. Making improvements in one area benefit many.

So, yes, make a resolution. You will be more productive and feel better about yourself. You might just inspire someone else too.

Resolutions can be as simple as, “This is the year I will…

• lose those extra pounds and get into better shape.

• finish writing my book.

• enter that 5K.

• save more money.

• get a quote on that remodeling project.

• grow closer spiritually through prayer.

• payoff that loan.

• regulate my time online better.

• give more charitably.

• create something that never existed before.

Resolutions aren’t dumb, nor are they a waste of time.

I hope you make one, share it, and if not actually achieve it, come closer than you ever have in your life.

Good luck.

Kelly Croy is a chalk artist and professional speaker.

He has entertained and amazed audiences across the nation including corporations, schools, churches, conferences, and anywhere people come together to be entertained and inspired.

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