I was wrong about bluetooth headsets & Justin Timberlake!

motorola-h12-bluetooth-headsetFor the past few years I have watched in utter amazement at the growing number of people with an electronic device jammed in their ear while talking up a storm. I’m talking about bluetooth headsets, and boy have they grown in popularity! My original thoughts were focused on how silly they made the user look, as well as making them detached from the world. Well, my thoughts on the matter have changed considerably.

It seems every paper and magazine in the country is reporting of accidents involving drivers using their cell phones, and while bluetooth headsets are not completely safe, they certainly do aid drivers in keeping their hands on the road. Now the issue is more of attention on the task rather than the conversation. At least the one hand off the wheel and the cheek-shoulder phone hold issues have been eliminated. The clear result is that these headsets free up our hands and arms to complete other tasks.

I am still vowing not to be seen publicly with a headset in my ear. (I still think they look silly.) And I will never allow myself to be photographed with one in my ear.  Now if I could just look as good as DAVID BECKHAM with a Bluetooth in my ear, that would be great, but he could probably look good with a pineapple stuck in his ear.  

My new bluetooth headset is a purchase I made after watching a time management video by famed professor and writer, Randy Pausch, best known for his Last Lecture. He prescribed the device as an amazing time management tool, and boy is he right. I use my bluetooth to not only aid me in driving, but also when I am on hold so I can complete other tasks. Having my hands free during a conversation simply makes me more productive. 

My headset of choice is a Jawbone. It sells for $129, but you can find a new one much more inexpensive on eBay. I have seen them sell for well under $100. It brings your phone to an entirely new level of service and usefulness. I use my Jawbone with my iPhone. It has incredible range, clarity, and ease of use. It also has great additional features while completely eliminating background noise like wind and static. I have always been and Apple fan and always will, but the bluetooth headset Apple makes is horrible in comparison to my new Jawbone. In fact, I cannot give the apple headset any consideration for a recommendation. The Jawbone also eliminates a lot of silliness in appearance of having a bluetooth in your ear. (I said a lot, not all. Yes, you are still going to look like a dork, but a productive dork. The key: use the headset in private. Don’t go shopping with one in your ear. That’s rude, and as for the people that have one shoved in their ear all the time: they should purchase a Star Trek uniform and wear it with the headset. That is a no-no. It’s a tool, not a lifestyle. You don’t go to the mall with a shovel in your hand. Use it, and put it away.)

I was also wrong about Justin Timberlake. My first perception of him was just awful. In fact the sight or sound of him upset me. My earlier perception of him was arrogance, cockiness, and an embodiment of materialistic immaturity. (I was also probably jealous that he was such a ladies man.) I saw him recently on Saturday Night Live. Not only is he an extremely talented musician and dancer, he is a good actor and extremely funny. He is truly a triple threat at the very least.

~ Kelly

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