Christmas Presentation for Your Organization: All Dates for 2015 Will Book Fast!

Kelly Croy Christmas Presentation Speed Art brought to life with computer animation best funny inspirational

Is your organization looking for a dynamic Christmas presentation?

My name is Kelly Croy and I am a speaker and speed artist. I would like to share a wonderful Christmas Chalk Art Presentation with you.

My presentation is powerful and fun. It combines the raw energy of a live performance, the astonishment of speed art, the beauty of an artistic masterpiece, a powerful musical score, the inspiration of a masterful storyteller and the magic of literally bringing the art to life with computer animation. Yes, the art will come to life right in front of your eyes. 

Chances are you have never seen a performance quite like mine. I encourage you to visit my website and watch one of the demo videos available and read some of my posts. Every member in the audience will leave inspired, motivated, renewed, challenged, and with a smile on their face. This is one of my absolute favorite presentations and I cannot wait to share it with you. There is a surprise every other minute during the presentation. You will hear audible “ooohs and ahhhs” during the performance. You will laugh, cry, feel loved, challenged, motivated, and forever changed. I am the speaker you are looking for. 

I am extremely proud of this presentation that I have created to help celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in a unique, fun, and memorable way. My Christmas presentation includes a large six foot by eight foot chalk drawing choreographed to some amazing Christmas themed music. The art is then brought to life with the use of computer animation. It will surprise and delight everyone. Each member of the audience can even go home with a small signed print of the artwork I created on stage at your event, complete with your organizationʼs logo and message. Experience the Nativity scene and the Christmas story like never before. It fun for the entire family.

My only concern is that there is a very limited number of dates possible to book between now and Christmas. I anticipate every performance night available being booked by Thanksgiving. so contact me at your earliest convenience to reserve the date. I look forward to working with you to plan an amazing evening for your group. 

This presentation has been customized and shared with every organization imaginable including: civic organizations, schools, churches, business Christmas dinners, youth programs, community leaders, and more. Contact me and reserve your evening before it’s booked. 

This year I have a special package available that allows the organization to keep the original eight foot by six foot art and every participant to go home with a signed art print, and a signed copy of my book, Along Came a Leader.

Organize a night to remember. 

Kelly Croy

Inspirational Speaker & Performance Artist