Book Title and Cover Announcement

HR Along Came A Leader  High ResolutionI am pleased to announce the title of my nonfiction book on leadership: Along Came a Leader, as well as the cover design. 

I have been speaking and sharing insights on leadership to organizations of all sizes, for many years. I am proud to have shared my art and words across the nation and help make a difference.

 It has been a dream of mine to organize my concepts, keynotes and articles on leadership into a book. I have been working on this dream for many years. This summer I completed this dream.

The complete title is Along Came a Leader: A Guide to Personal and Professional Leadership.

Along Came a Leader is being converted into a mobile format to first be shared as Kindle eBook then on to the iBookStore and other mobile formats.  In the upcoming weeks I will announce a Kickstarter Campain to help

fund a printed version of the book. I will offer incentives for supporting the campaign such as your name as a patron inside the printed version as well as copies of the printed book, an audio version, signed art prints, and more. My goal is to get printed versions of this important book on leadership in the hands of students and organizations that desperately wish to influence and nuture future leaders.

Everyone will be notified when each version of the book is available. At the moment I am just excited to celebrate this moment of accomplishment and share it with you. It always feels great to finish.

Everyone agrees that leadership is important. Parents tell me this. Business owners tell me this. Coaches, teachers, athletes, managers, college recruiters, teachers, professors… and everyone I have ever met, all agree that leadership not only makes a difference, it IS the difference. All of them, it seems, believes the other will take care of the teaching and training of leadership. Even fewer seem to know where to begin. My book, Along Came a Leader, was written to remedy this problem and help forge new leaders that will indeed make a difference.

HR Along Came A Leader  High Resolution