Chalk Art: You can book me for a speaking and live art performance. Sometimes people want just the art performance, and I can do that.  It would be very difficult to ship a chalk art piece so I reserve those for live performances.  They are also six feet by eight feet in size.  Very big! On very special occasions I have created a three foot by four foot original, signed chalk piece but they still had to be picked up at my art studio.

Painting: I create beautiful acrylic paintings of seascapes with silhouettes, and lighthouse prints. Some of these are available to purchase from time to time, but typically there is a waiting list.  If you’d like on that waiting list please email me at this address. I can let you know the cost and approximate date of completion. Painting requires some incredible investments in time, but it is something that I truly love to do.  I would be happy to share my art with you, but I do not do commissioned paintings anymore.  I have decided to invest my time creating the pieces I enjoy making and share those with the world.

Sketches, Caricatures, and Cartooning: I have always been a doodler and cartoonist.  From time to time I will make some of these available. If you would like me to send you a sketch or cartoon email me and I’ll send you an inexpensive quote.  They are fun and pretty easy for me to make.

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