What Do You Need to Start?

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We tell ourselves lots of things that aren’t helpful. 

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that we need a new tool or piece of equipment to reach a goal.

“I’ll write that novel after I get my new MacBook Pro,” said the unpublished novelist. 

“I will get into shape once I order that new fitness DVD,” said the unfit house husband.

“I’ll start eating at home more often once Amazon ships me that new food processor,” said the fast food fanatic.

The truth is we don’t need new equipment to get started. In fact, we don’t need new equipment or tools to finish. We just need good daily habits. 

I believe it is actually more productive to flip this kind of thinking upside down. By this I mean we need to tell ourselves that we will order item X after we meet a certain goal, not before. 

Sell yourself on the idea that you’ll reward yourself with that DVD fitness tape after you walk for 30 minutes seven days in a row. 

Tell yourself you will pull the trigger on the new MacBook after you draft 60,000 words. 

Maybe, just maybe these will motivate you to work. And maybe you will find you don’t need after all, and decide to save yourself some money. 

Quite often our desires for new equipment and tools are actually procrastination in disguise; these new tools may even distract us further. In some rare cases you may actually need a tool to perform the job, but I still think you will complete more if you force yourself to get it done without “the new” and build that much needed discipline of habit.

My new Macbook was suppose to arrive two published books ago, but I keep plugging away on this workhorse. I think I will order after I finish my next manuscript, or this blog, or something. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to reward yourself for every accomplishment either. Keep it special, infrequent, and worthwhile. 

Examine closely the tools the professionals use. I think you will find they prefer the used over the new. I could cite many examples, but I love the story of Sci-Fi writer Ray Bradbury going to the library and paying ten cents an hour to type his short stories on the library’s typewriter. If you really want it, you will find a way. 

Quit telling yourself you need that new thing to accomplish a goal. Find a way to get started right night, old school, Rocky-style. 

You have all the tools you need, and the most important tool is habit. 


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Why You Need a Don’t-Do List

Lots of successful people create to-do lists. They are incredibly helpful. I start every single day with a special index card listing my key focus areas, actions, calls, and tasks for the day. You should too.

What I have discovered is we sometimes need to take inventory of some distractions and bad habits that keep us from being our most productive.

I always been a big believer in asking myself: What do I need to start doing, keep doing, and stop doing?

Many people just keep adding to their day and can’t seem to focus. Figure out what you need to eliminate.

Take a look at your day and examine some beliefs, self-talk, bad habits, distractions, and actions that you no longer want to be a part of your day. The intentional act of writing them down may be a good first step to eliminating them.

I work on many projects. I simply can’t work on each one every day. In order to finish something important I have to force myself to eliminate days that I will not work on certain projects and focus on others. It really does need to be intentional.

Steve Jobs once said, “I’m as proud of many of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things.”


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Just a Minute

I believe people completely undervalue the power of just one minute.

Sixty seconds may not seem like much, but you may be surprised at how such a seemingly insignificant amount of time can start a process of transformation.

The biggest obstacle of any task is truly starting. A minute offers exactly that, a start.

Sixty seconds can seem like an eternity when standing in a check-out line, being placed on hold on the telephone, or waiting for you turn in traffic.

Put the power of sixty seconds to work for you.
Use that sixty seconds to start folding some laundry, make that phone call you’ve been putting off, make a to-do list, drop down on the floor for some push-ups, or pen a line in your first book.

Winston Churchill wisely reminded us that, “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” Allow a mere minute to inspire you to just begin. Understand it will be a rough, imperfect, attempt at the start of something, but still the start of something that will grow into a task completed.

You may find once you begin that you actually have more than that minute or that minutes really do add up.

The next time you try to tell yourself you never have time to do the things you want to do, remind yourself, you can always, always, always find a minute, and that a mere minute is sometimes longer than you think.

In fact, this post probably took you around 40 seconds to read.

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The Ultimate Answers to the 4 Most Frustrating Questions on Achieving Goals


Some people make a joke of goals and resolutions, some hate them, and some obsess over them. There are some, I hope, that are in between these extremes.

Regardless of where you stand, I am sure you would like to improve your life in some areas. Maybe you are unsure whether setting goals and resolutions is worth it. Perhaps you are someone that keeps setting the same goals and resolutions each year and feels frustrated.

Wherever you are, whatever you are thinking, I hear you.  I want to help. I want to share with you some insight to living an amazing year.

So let me share with you now some powerful insight to goals and resolutions:

1. Should I set goals each year?

Yes. You absolutely should set goals. It really doesn’t matter if you do it on New Year’s Eve, your birthday, or the first day of vacation. All that matters is that you set some goals that will hold you somewhat accountable to becoming a better self. If you are new at goal setting, keep it simple and write down just a few.

2. What goals should I set?

Well, everybody is different. Setting goals is really like your future self speaking to you and telling you what to avoid and what to focus on. Goal setting is really a time of reflection on the type of person you want to be. It’s an opportunity to take inventory of your health, happiness, finances, relationships and more. Just like corporations sit down the most important leaders of the organization to plan for the year, this is your time to have a meeting with yourself and share some facts, numbers, goals, and ideas.

Starting a Gift Basket Tradition

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Deep down we all want to be generous. I truly believe we all want to help others.

I know many people who go out of their way to help others. It is always inspiring to me to see the generosity of others in action and to hear about anonymous acts of charity. 

Years ago I read about a man who started a tradition of giving a gift basket to those less fortunate. He had received one when he was young, and that act of kindness and genorosity had made a tremendous impact on him. Many years later he started his own tradition of giving a gift basket away and it grew from just one basket to tens of thousands. Imagine that. 

Ever since I read that story, somewhere in the back of my head I have always wanted to do something similar. My family has been generous to other families, and we have our charities, but like the man I read about, I wanted to make a more personalized gift in the form of a gift basket. I think it would be rewarding and helpful to actually choose specific items that I believe could not only bring joy but make a difference as well. I want to include not only a few gifts, but some tools to help that family change the direction of their lives. 

This year I am going to start a tradition of giving away gift basket. I am inviting my family members and others to join in, if they feel so called. This first year, it will probably be only one basket, but maybe I can get mine to grow. If not, I am sure even this one basket, this one act, will be helpful. I am going to include a couple of gift cards, something fun, something tasty, a copy of my book Along Came a Leader because I know it can transform someone’s thoughts and actions, and some notes of inspiration and joy from me and my family. 

I know many will appreciate receiving a gift. I also know some people are in very tough situations and need real help. Others need direction; some people just don’t know some of the life lessons we do, and they would benefit from that advice. Many just need to know that other people care.

If you already do something like this I would love for you to comment and tell me what you include. That would be helpful. I’d also love to know how you choose the family.

If you’d like to join me in adding to my basket, send me an email or use the contact form. I think combining our ideas and resources could be fun and meaningful. I also think if just do it yourself and follow through on your own it may even be more meaningful. 

Here’s what I am thinking so far:

• a cash card.

• a bag of chocolates.

• a card with an inspiring note. 

• a copy of my book Along Came a Leader.

• a copy of another book that changed my life. 

• a gift card to a book store with a note to pursue a dream. 

• movie tickets for the whole family because everyone needs a night of joy. 

• a board game because it’s fun and has the potential to bring everyone in the house together. 


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