Do You Make This Mistake With Your Goals?

Do you only drive halfway to work, leave the car on the road, and walk the remainder of the way? Do you only pull your pants halfway up and decide that’s good enough?

If you are like me and millions of other Americans, you set some goals and resolutions for the year back in January. Well, it’s time for your six month check up. Yep, we’ve made it halfway. You haven’t stopped have you? Have you accomplished any of your goals? Are you closer to finishing them since January or are you farther away? Regardless of how you answer, you have lots of time to achieve some incredible accomplishments, and I’m here to help.

First, I’m hoping you set some goals.  I know people that argue the point, but I favor the wise saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  And that’s how I look at resolutions and goals; they are a plan for your year. Let’s get our goals out in front of us and take a look at the person we want to become. Wiser? Healthier? Wealthier? The better-you isn’t that far away.

I wrote my goals down in my journal, so it’s easy for me to review them now.  If you didn’t write them down, well now is a great time to do it.  You can even set new ones. The year isn’t only half over, it also only half started too, depending on how you look at it. I have read about numerous studies showing the benefits of keeping written goals. I believe them because it has worked for me!

For the remaining six months we will need to review these goals more often. A minimum review would be monthly. (How can you tell if you’re making progress if there is no way to measure it? You can’t pull out your list next December 31 and see if you got lucky. Some people review them daily. Why? Because they really want results! Do you?)

Perhaps you started strong on your goals and ran out of interest or energy.  That’s why we need a plan.  Now is a great time to make adjustments and set new goals. Take a look at the next six months and plan accordingly.  Challenge yourself, but incrementally so you are rewarded when accomplishing chunks of your goals. Figure out who can help you and the resources you already have at your disposal. Break your goal down into chunks that are easier accomplished.

Why did you make these resolutions? Now is great time to recommit and invest in how you will feel accomplishing these goals and making progress toward them.  Get your emotions involved. Get fired up!

Don’t be a quitter! Last January I heard a radio commercial advertising for people to come to a bar and break their resolutions. Sad. Stick to it. When the ball drops next year, put a smug grin on your face knowing you did something with the past 365 days that wasn’t easy and made you a better person.

My super-quick plan for helping you “win” the second half of this year:

1) Get a journal! Not only do I want you to write down your goals, start dating it with actions you have actually taken towards them. This will also be where you create your plan. (e.g. July 7, 2010 ‘Today I ran around the block. Signed up for a 5k in October. Better get busy!”)

2) Have an accountability partner. Share your goals and dreams with others. You will be surprised who wants to help you and encourage you. It doesn’t have to be formal. Send them a text or post it on Facebook. (e.g. I wrote 400 words today of my novel. Keep me honest!)

3) Review your goals regularly and remind yourself why you want this! (Nuff’ said.)

I really want you to succeed. Leave a comment below with your goal and what you doing about it.  Good luck.

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