Wisdom: Leadership Series Part Three of Seven

Part Three of Seven on Leadership: The Seven Commitments to Answering the Call to Lead

You hear the word ‘wisdom’ and I’ll bet many of you picture an old guy with a long white beard. Right? Quit it. A great definition of wisdom is simple: the ability to see the future consequences of the decisions you are making right now.

How do you obtain wisdom? Well, that question has been bouncing around for thousands of years.  For a start, try surrounding yourself with great people, great books, quality experiences, travel, and most importantly spend time each day in reflection. Wisdom is a journey, not a destination. Are you on it?

While this is a very simple definition, the process combines all of your talents, experiences, and resources to put it into action.  Intelligence would be just one small part of wisdom. Intelligence serves you right now.  Wisdom serves others long after you are gone.

I believe wisdom is journey, not a destination.  A great leader is always pursuing wisdom, and the sad truth is that its attainment is never recognizable, but that is also the essence of wisdom’s brilliance.  If you are constantly on the journey toward wisdom and filling yourself on its fruits along the way, never knowing how close you are to the prize,  you will never stop developing this essential leadership skill.  You will be constantly seeking it, and therefore constantly obtaining incredible growth.

Seek Wisdom. Some people confuse wisdom with age.  This unfortunately is too common and incorrect. There are many who over time acquire a great deal of wisdom, but just because someone is young does not mean they are not capable of obtaining wisdom. Just because someone has lived for many years does not necessarily mean they are wise.

So where do we begin in our quest for wisdom? Well, it certainly starts with education, but that is far too limiting. Wisdom is the sum of the intelligence you gain educating yourself, the experiences of traveling, the life experiences and insight from friends, as well as the discipline and awareness gained from private reflection.

Have you ever noticed that successful leaders seem to do many things well? It is by no accident that this occurs.  Successful leaders are committed to excellence and possess a desire to be at the top of their game and make an impact in the world.  They hold themselves to a higher standard than anyone else does.  They seek self improvement.  This drive to make a difference in their lives and in others is the foundation of the wisdom I mention.

The measure of wisdom can be determined by four factors: 1) The books you read  2) The people with whom you surround yourself 3) The time you spend in contemplation  4) Your combined experiences.

1) Read great books.  Read books that will change your life.

2) Surround yourself with people who you admire, hold you to a higher standard, challenge you to become a better person, that are  steadfast in the morality and ideals.

3) Spend time each day in reflection.  This can be accomplished through journaling, contemplation, silence, or prayer.  (Not napping.) This can be a time for formulating the questions that guide us, or a quiet time to work on a virtue.

4) Continuously add new experiences to your life.  Travel. Meet new people. Take on new challenges.

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