Awesome! Pat Flynn is Giving Away His Book for Free for 24 Hours! Will It Fly?

The Kindle Version of "Will it Fly?" for Free for 24 Hours! Pat Flynn is Awesome!

I am so excited to introduce to you one of my favorite people in the world, Pat Flynn!

Pat is the host of two of my favorite podcasts and he is giving away the Kindle version of his book, Will it Fly? away for free today for about the next 24 hours. The paperback is still $16.95 but the Kindle version is free at $0.00 and downloads immediately.

I own the Kindle version and the paperback version of the book. I highly recommend you download this book to your device and start reading and applying.

Will it Fly? is written by Pat Flynn for people who want to start businesses, become entrepreneurs, and finish projects and ideas they have dreamt up. Pat is incredibly smart, passionate, and honest. I really respect his integrity, generosity and honesty. He sincerely wants to help people. He has helped me on several occasions.

Pat Flynn hosts two amazing podcasts for entrepreneurs and really anyone who is trying to become their best. Download this free book and then checkout my interview with Pat Flynn on my Wired Educator Podcast, episode 079. We have a fantastic discussion!

How can you go wrong? The book is awesome, free, and as easy to obtain as a click, but the offer of free is going to end very soon.

Please,I also recommend you listen to Pat’s podcasts The Smart Passive Income Podcast and Ask Pat! Podcast and visit his website, Smart Passive Income. One listen and you will love it, benefit from it and subscribe to it. I am sure of it.

Check out Pat Flynn’s book: Will it Fly? 

Pat’s Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat’s Blog: Smart Passive Income

Pat’s Podcast, Ask Pat!

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