Why You Must Build a Leadership Factory

Leadership Factory

The journey toward wisdom is an essential quality of leadership, and a big part of acquiring wisdom is surrounding yourself with quality people each and every day. Some of you may have a choice in who will be part of your team or inner circle, so make your decisions carefully. Others will not have a choice of whom they will work closely with and lead. Regardless, wisdom is gained by not only making good choices, but nurturing everyone you work with into becoming world-class leaders. Grow the realm of your wisdom and invest in cultivating leadership. Create a leadership factory within your organization and produce leaders.

Help others become leaders by giving them leadership roles or responsibilities. Let them know they are leading and give them a framework to work within.   Tell them, “You will be

 leading our organization on this area.  I know you can do it. I want to give you plenty of freedom on this, but I do need a report or update on where you are at at close of each day and we certainly want to have this project completed by this date.” I know so many micromanagers that need to control too much of the organization that they never give anyone the opportunity to lead, to fail, to grow. Then they wonder why they have no leadership. You have to grow leaders and nurture them.

Offer those around you mentors to help them become better leaders, and by all means be an excellent and available role model yourself. Surround them with books, audio recordings, video, and other resources to help them become leaders. Make all of these resources easily available.  Send them to conferences, invite speakers, leave them notes of encouragement and helpful tips to follow. I have spoken at many workshops and provided leadership training and the comments are always the same, “I wish we would have done this sooner.” Leadership is something you have to manufacture. Start your leadership factory today.

Invite those you lead to reflect on leadership by writing an article for the newsletter or blog. Consider asking the promising leader to organize and lead a presentation on something they are all doing well. Ask their opinion about leadership topics and books they are reading on the topic. Engaging in this dialogue will highlight the importance of the qualities you want.

By all means, recognize those who lead. This will encourage everyone. Make leadership important and something that is identified and recognized. When recognition is implemented correctly it can increase retention, decrease absence, raise production, improve quality, change attitudes, and in general create a momentum of success and positive energy.

What ideas do you have about building a leadership factory within your organization? How will you prepare, train, equip, and acknowledge leaders? How will you design and build your leadership factory?

Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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