What Makes a Good Journal? My thoughts.

I was recently asked about what makes a good journal entry.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Always include the date.
  2. Journal entries should be short.
  3. You should write frequently, routinely, and almost daily.
  4. Do NOT focus on spelling, grammar, or what others might think.
  5. Share your successes, failures, concerns, celebrations, defeats, dreams, goals, wishes, accomplishments, plans for world domination, and whatever else may be on your mind.
  6. If it is important enough to be written on any scrap of paper it is good enough for your journal
  7. Go ahead and tape concert tickets in there or newspaper clippings, or whatever you feel is appropriate.
  8. Your journal is where you keep your dreams.
  9. Offer a reward in the front of your journal if found; mine is dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  10. Keep your journal private.

I started writing in a spiral notebook like students used and have now graduated to a leather Moleskine.

(If this post interested you, please look for my upcoming mini-posts of journal activities scattered throughout the  year. I have created a ‘journal’ category for easy spotting.)

A good journal is simply, what works for you!

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