The Ultimate Blogging Tool: A Review of RedSweater’s MarsEdit

Screen shot 2011 07 05 at 12 58 38 PMI have recently written about why I wish all educators should blog and I have even given some of my own insight on how they could and should get started. In truth I believe everyone should blog. It’s a great place to store and share your ideas about life, the world, and the niches that you are truly an expert. Leaders should absolutely blog, and corporations should require employees to blog as well. More on both of those later. (And yes, you really are an expert and you have much to share.) I would like to take my advice about blogging even farther with this review of the ultimate blogging tool—MarsEdit.

Give my article, Why Every Educator Should Blog, whether you are an educator or not, because it also applies to you as a person. We all have people we need to influence and we all have much to share. I hope you will find it inspiring enough to start your own blog very soon.

Soon, if it hasn’t happened already, you will find a great blog hosting site like and will have started writing some articles to share what you have learned with others. If you haven’t discovered it already, sites like WordPress and ALL of the others limit you by forcing you to only be able to write while online. This can become a hassle very quickly, especially in the busy lives we all lead. That’s where MarsEdit comes in.

MarsEdit is the BEST solution for maintaining your blog. It is super-easy to use, looks great, works perfectly every time, and has fantastic customer support. Wired Educator wants every educator to blog and share their knowledge with other educators and we recommend MarsEdit.

MarsEdit is a great choice because it allows you to create content for your blog offline. MarsEdit works much like a word processor, allowing you to construct and format your post and even schedule when you would like it to post. MarsEdit allows me to work on my blog posts wherever I am, whenever I can. A few minutes of time translates into some serious progress on a blog. The preview screen allows you to see exactly what everyone will see when you post, and including a photo or other media is easy and works with every type of program and online photo sharing site.

I have two primary blogs that I write and create content for and one is through and the other through It was very easy to setup MarsEdit to post to these platforms and if you run into any trouble their Customer Service is fast, dedicated, and efficient. I doubt you will need it, but it always GREAT knowing awesome customer service is available. (I just wrote a post on customer service on my other blog and Red Sweater met and surpassed all of my requirements for quality customer service. I had a few questions and they made me feel important and answered every question and helped me in every way. Send an email and get a solution. I like that and so will you. Amazing!)

After much research, I can assure you that MarsEdit is the best blog editor available. It costs $39.95 and you can purchase it on the following link: You can also test drive it for 30 days for FREE. There is a slight learning curve, but overall very easy to use.

MarsEdit is regularly updated with new features and improvements. At the time of this writing it is on version 3.3.1 and works great.
Screen shot 2011 07 05 at 12 58 28 PM

MarsEdit is the perfect solution for maintaining a blog. Forcing myself to find a few areas for improvement, I have decided we would like to see an Inspector like tool for formatting the page layout rather than using the menu-bar and keystroke shortcuts. I would also like to see the ability to access the iSight camera directly on our MacBook for video blogging, and easier importing/pasting of YouTube videos. It’s easy to see why MarsEdit is so widely used by both professional and amateur bloggers alike, and why it continues to win awards. Do yourself a favor and download MarsEdit and start blogging.


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