Please Stand By: There is Nothing Wrong with Your Television

There’s something wrong with your television if you’ve spent more time in front of it than you have working at your dream.

There’s something wrong with your dream if you’ve spent more time with it than you have spent with your family.


Actually I’m wrong on both, and you know it. There is nothing wrong with your television nor your dream. You just need to prioritize and focus.

Prioritizing and focusing are two great disciplines. There are many books and blogs that can offer you advice on how to make some progress, but the truth is no one can do it for you.

You will not find time. You cannot make time.  But you can and should schedule time each day for your family and your dream.

Identify the bandits that steal your time from your family and your dream and launch a counter-attack. No dream needs to lie dormant until your children are raised. No family needs to be neglected while chasing a dream. You can and should work at both.  Your life will be filled with purpose and fulfillment. Completion of your dream will benefit your family, in many ways,  and your family can certainly help you in completing a dream, if nothing more than providing the much-needed drive.

Turn the television off, set the smart phone down, let your status update read: Please Stand By: Family Time or Please Stand By: Chasing a Dream, and then, and most importantly, actually do it.

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