Merry Christmas!

26780Have a very Merry Christmas. I am at home with my wife, four daughters, and my mother. We woke up to a warm house full of food and presents. I am blessed.

I thought a lot about those nearby in Indiana without power due to ice storms. I thought about the homeless I have seen recently in Washington D. C. , and on television. I thought about the many families in hospitals worried about a loved one; my family and I have spent the last year doing just that. My thoughts today also wondered around the globe thinking about the entire villages and countries where people live in fear, hunger, and disease.

I am thankful that I have been able to help others this year, but I am already making plans to do even more in 2009. I know one area that I wish to focus attention on is nursing homes. If you have any good ideas please contact me.

My children are so excited to be playing with their presents; I’m going to go join them.

~ Kelly

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