Leaders Never Blind Side

Leaders never blind side others.

right-way-wrong-way2.jpgA blind side is a cowardly attack that demonstrates an incapacity to communicate and an inability to make leadership decisions. It is an act committed out of fear, jealously, and anger. A blind side is a poor attempt to hide the inability to lead.

Those who choose the blind side willingly forgo the path of a leader. They would rather sneak behind-the-scenes, than sit down and have a discussion. They would rather plot, than plan. The higher the level of office, rank, title, or position, the more detrimental the act.

The world recognizes a blind side for what it is, wrong. Our history has been littered with them: the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the devastating destruction of The World Trade Towers in 2001 are known to all. Within the corporate world, the notorious ousting of Steve Jobs at Apple in 1985 has redefined leadership decisions and highlighted a return to ethical standards within the board room.  The facade of leadership behind these infamous blind sides are viewed with contempt and outrage by the world and history, and in time each wrong righted or avenged. Every. Single. Time.

A true leader can craft a thousand proposals to handle a situation, but a blind side is never one of them. A leader addresses challenges with communication, and a well-planned response. A leader creates options. A leader presides with dignity and honor.  A leader offers counsel, an assessment, or intervention. A leader demonstrates innovation.  A blind side is none of these.

Leaders are defined by their actions. What does a blind side convey? Not the qualities of leadership.  A blind side affirms a weakness in character, a desire to harm, belittle, and embarrass. A blind side is wrong.

Only low-brow reality television offers a nod to the immaturity of a well-played blind side. There is no place for it among leaders. It is indefensible.

As a speaker and writer I identify and highlight six essential elements of leadership: attitude, wisdom, communication, tenacity, vision, and authenticity. A blind side negates them all. Yes, each and every one. I cannot be clearer: forbid it from your management and leadership staff. Admonish and shun those who use it. Anyone and everyone with any common sense will no longer trust a leader who blind sides. No defense, scenario, or lie can be crafted well enough to convince others of its necessity.  Others will forever question, “How long will it be before he blind sides me?” Trust quickly fades, everyone questions the act, everyone watches their back, and a dark shadow of shame is cast on the organization.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

A leader never blindsides.

Kelly Croy is a professional speaker and artist.

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