Journal Activity for the Start of a New Year or New Venture: Mini Post

Journal Assignment for the start of a new year or venture:

Shoot for about a page or whatever works. Don’t concern yourself with spelling, grammar, or what others might think. Just get it done.

Today is  a three-parter:

1) Make a list of your goals and resolutions for the new year or new venture.  This is a list. Think finances, health, professional, spiritual, family, home, personal, mental, etc.

2) Write a short paragraph describing the person you want to be a full year from now, or at the completion of your venture. What do you look like? What are you wearing? What accomplishments are you most proud of? Where are you? Where have you been? How do you feel? Who have you helped?

3) Pick the BIG three areas you will focus on every day. Here are mine 1) Working Out 2) Writing/Publishing my first book 3) Locating new audiences for my art and words.  What are your BIG three?

That’s it.

The start of a new year or new venture is a indeed a magical time full of possibilities.

Find the time and get it done. Now.

Kelly Croy is a chalk artist and professional speaker.

He has entertained and amazed audiences across the nation including corporations, schools, churches, conferences, and anywhere people come together to be entertained and inspired.

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