How’s Your Bracket? Taking Time to Plan Your Life

Filling out bracket e1300139814681How’s Your Bracket?

A lot of people will be evaluating their NCAA bracket results, if they haven’t done so already.

Sadly, it occurred to me that some people spend more time plotting and planning their basketball brackets than they do their day, their week, or even their life. I have friends and acquaintances that actually conduct research and some that fill out multiple brackets in hopes of creating a winner. Yet, some of these very same people just allow their day to happen. When bedtime rolls around, or the week ends, they are the first to wonder where their day or week went and why they accomplished so little.

A simple fact we all must learn early in life, is that planning is a always key factor in determining success and failure whether it be in sports or in life. We must invest in a plan to fully enjoy the benefits of a rewarding life.

I don’t believe in planning every minute of my life, but I do know the value of living each day with a plan and list of goals. We’re blessed with just twenty-four hours each day, it’s our responsibility to ourselves and our families to maximize each and every hour.

I’d like to share some thoughts and tools with you on how we can get the most out of each day, and ultimately our life:

1) Download Michael Hyatt’s free eBook Creating Your Personal Life Plan. Michael share’s his secrets to accomplishing so much. He is an extremely busy person, yet he finds time for others, his dreams, exercise, and so much more. He credits a lot of his success to his Life Plan. I recommend downloading his eBook.  It’s free, and I believe you will be very thankful you did.

2) Start a journal. If you follow my writings with any regularity you know the importance I place in keeping a journal. A life worth living is truly worth recording. I use my journal to record workouts, plan vacations, document success and failures, list the things I want to own, the books I want to write, and the pictures I want to draw. It’s my brain on paper. The keeper of my great ideas.

3) Use an index card to plan your day. Again, this is one of my favorite secrets. I use index cards to make my to-do list each and every day. I list the things that really matter and I focus on them until they are accomplished. It is that simple, and it works. People to call, my workout, time to write, and anything that needs to be done goes on the list. You must include the actions to your dreams. Want to write a novel? Put that on your list most days and it will get done.

4) Incorporate the use of a shared calendar. My wife and I use Apple’s MobileMe iCal syncing calendar to plan for our family. It’s great having everything on one calendar. You can do the same with Google Calendars and others. We can access our calendar from any computer, anywhere, including mobile devices, and that clunky computer in the hotel lobby. We know where we need to be and how we can help each other out.

5) Schedule your dreams. You will never find or make time. You either schedule it or you do not. You must learn to schedule and reserve time for what you really want in life. It’s great when spontaneous moments occur. I’m all for it, however, I can’t rely on them, so I plan too. I make sure my wife and I have dates on the calendar. Others appear, but we always have some scheduled.

6) Use technology; don’t let technology use you. If you have voicemail or answering machine then let it take your messages while you are spending time with your family. If you have a mobile phone, eliminate some of those emails while in the checkout line. These are great examples of using technology wisely. Sitting in front of computer mindlessly for hours at a time is an example of technology using you. Be a creator of content not just a consumer. I highly recommend online services like DropBox, Instapaper, Evernote, HootSuite, and others to help you manage your time better.

7) Use a timer. Yep, I’m serious. Use the timer on your phone or watch to set mini goals to get things done. Ten minutes can accomplish a lot. then move on.

Kelly is an inspirational speaker, author, and artist.

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