How to Make 2011 the Greatest Year of Your Life!

  1. Start a journal. Record your dreams, wishes, wants, success, failures, and anything and everything of importance.
  2. Set one physical goal for 2011. Sign-up for a 5k or some physical challenge for this year, and do it ASAP. Without an event, physical goals typically don’t happen.
  3. Set one financial goal for 2011. Contact your employer, bank, and/or credit union and divert a small % of your earnings to a vacation/Christmas fund. Don’t dream about a huge lump sum, set aside a little each week.
  4. Set one spiritual goal for 2011. Go on a retreat, set some scripture reading goal, etc.
  5. Make ‘reserving time’ a new habit. You will never FIND time, and you cannot MAKE time, but you can and should always reserve time for the people, activities, and dreams that are important to you. Get out your calendar and begin a lasting habit of reserving time for what’s important. Make certain that you reserve time for your family, and most importantly individual time for each member of your family.
  6. Buy some index cards and use them as your daily to-do list. You will accomplish all that you write down, and nothing that you don’t.
  7. Have lunch with TED once a week. If you are unfamiliar with TED ( you really should familiarize yourself with this incredible resource and have lunch in front of your computer with one of these super talks once a week. You will see amazing results.
  8. Apply the “Start-Stop-Continue” monthly plan to your life. Each month sit down with your journal and figure out what you need to start doing in your life, what you need to stop doing, and what you need to continue doing.  It’s short and effective.
  9. Find an Accountability Partner. Find someone in your life that you can share your dreams, achievements, and setbacks with periodically.  Find someone that will encourage and challenge you.
  10. Visualize Success. The glass is always half full, you’ll never be given more than you can handle, and what you think about truly matters. Apply it. Think about the great things you have already accomplished to leverage yourself toward the next level. Think about the gratitude for what you have, and how awesome it will be to help others when you summit the next challenge in this awesome adventure of life. Seeing it is step number one toward achieving it.
  11. Set the Timer for Ten Minutes.   Everyone wastes time. Learn to set an egg timer, an alarm on your phone or watch, the timer on the microwave, or whatever, for ten minutes. Do some laundry. Get off the computer.  Ten minutes is an incredibly powerful amount of time.
  12. Read. Read books that will change your life. Read for entertainment. Make a list of books you want to read or create a Wish List on Amazon. If you don’t know what to read email me and I’ll send you a great list. Read.
  13. Think BIG. Nuff said.
  14. Ask. Write letters, send emails, make phone calls, Tweet it, Facebook, or do it in person, but ask for the things you want in life.  If it doesn’t happen, you’re doing it wrong.  Learn to communicate better, more powerfully, authentically, emotionally, or honestly. People want to help others. Become a master of communication.

These are the 14 irrefutable laws to making this year the greatest year of your life. Follow them.  Good luck. Happy New Year!

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