FFP 002: Goal Setting Workshop: How to Set Goals to Change Your Life

The Future Focused Podcasts Episode 2: A 20 Minute Goal Setting Workshop

In this episode of the Future Focused Podcast Kelly will guide you through a powerful goal setting workshop. He will show you how to get your goals down on paper and prioritize them into a workable plan. This workshop will help put you on the path to a life you will be excited about living and offer you the ability to make a meaningful impact in the people you love.

Goal setting is an art the Kelly has been practicing for decades.

Whether this is your first time setting goals, or whether you are a veteran goal setter, this podcast will provide some great take-aways and value to help plan your year.

Mentioned in this podcast:

Moleskine Journal: This is the journal Kelly uses to brainstorm, plan, set goals, and stay on track.

The Daily Stoic: This is Kelly’s Favorite Book from 2017.

Special Index Cards To-do List: This is what I use to use with a special lined surface on front & back.

Things 3: A To-Do App for Mobile Devices

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Should I hire a coach? Yes, but only if you can afford it. You can accomplish much with the right resources. (If you are interested in working with me as your coach this year, please send me an email.)

Kelly Croy

Inspirational Speaker & Performance Artist


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