Do Hard Things

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I visited a friend’s office recently and was inspired to write this post by what he had painted on the wall in huge letters:


This challenge wasn’t painted there with little letters. These were huge letters. It would be impossible to miss this challenge upon entering. Not only were the letters huge, the color choice of red, white, and black made them stand out.

I love quotes and have quite a collection, but something about this three word imperative struck a chord with me. It really is a call to action. It’s telling me to put the phone down and get something worthwhile accomplished. I need this.  Maybe you do too.


What a great challenge and reminder for us all! It really made me think about where I spend my time, and what I accomplish.  I think most of us choose not to do hard things, but to do things that are easiest and most convenient. We save the hard things for when we have ‘more’ time, the ‘right’ resources, or ‘enough” funds. We seldom start the hard things, and therefore the hard things never get finished.

The typical person spends way too much time watching television, checking twitter, texting, Instagram, Facebook, gaming, and more. Even if we aren’t digital junkies there are always areas, for most people, where they can better manage their time and accomplish meaningful tasks. Nothing wrong with a distraction, but don’t waste your day.

I am willing to bet most people reading this post right now have several hard things they need to do but have put aside.  In fact, I’ll wager that each of you have several hard things on your list that have been there for awhile. May I ask when they’ll be finished?

Doing the hard things is about completing the tasks that make a difference and get results. They are the activities that aren’t routine.

We must become more than ‘aware’ that we spend to much time looking at our mobile screens, updating our status, and staring mindlessly at a screen. We must become proactive about how we choose to spend our time. Prioritize some of this precious time we are given each day to complete tasks that aren’t easy but move us forward.

So, I implore you to do the following:

1) Evaluate Your Time & Yourself: Where are you wasting some time now that you could fill with an action to get some of the hard things finished? Take a hard look at some yourself and journal about areas where you are weak. This would make a good area for some hard things.

2) List Them: Make a list of some “hard things” you need to finish or start.

3) Do it: Once you have identified your “hard things” just go. Go! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start.

4) Find Accountability: If you find you can’t get going on these “hard things” find some ways to make yourself accountable. Perhaps it’s a mentor, a journal, a check-up from a friend.

5) Repeat: Get yourself in the habit of taking care of the hard things rather than moving them to the bottom of you list.

The wording and idea of the challenge, “Do Hard Things” comes from a book my friend, Chris Soltis, had given me, and really is painted on his office wall.  The book was Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. The book is great and I recommend it. The concepts written here are my own and inspired by the title alone. 

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