Climb Your Mountain!

“Champions know there are no shortcuts to the top. They climb the mountain one step at a time.” — Judi Adler 

“Your evenings should be filled dreaming about your next adventure, and your days full of taking steps toward that dream. That way you will always have something incredible to look forward to, and many proud moments to reflect back on.”   — Kelly Croy

I look for challenges. 

A challenge excites me. Challenges bring out the best in me. When faced with a challenge, a fire is lit inside of me, the gears in my head start turning and formulating a plan, and a smile fills my face. I know not how I will conquer the challenge, nor when, but I do know that I will be triumphant as long as I keep pushing forward one step at a time. My confidence gives each step strength, distance, and speed. I push away negative thoughts for they make my steps sluggish, heavy, and clumsy.

Our lives are filled with many challenges. Some are thrust upon us unexpectedly, like an illness or a financial difficulty, others we choose, like marathons, and mountains to climb. 

In those rare moments of life when our burdens are light and there are few or no obstacles, do not rejoice; quickly seek out a new challenge. The challenges we conquer separate one man’s life from another, they measure the passion by which he lived, and serve as building blocks of character and virtue. 

When our thoughts and stories lean more on our past accomplishments rather than future adventures we must recognize that it is time to shake off our satisfaction, roll up our sleeves, and seek out a new goal, a new challenge, a new mountain.  It’s steepness, height, and level of difficulty are of little importance. Our only interest is that it challenges us and brings out the best in us.  When we rest upon it’s summit, we realize it is not the mountain we conquered but ourselves.

Put a mountain in front of you.  Allow the challenge to shape your character and hone your determination.  


(Kelly Croy is an inspirational speaker, author, and performing artist.  Visit our website to invite Kelly to perform at your next event.)

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