Breathe Like a Navy SEAL

Everyone knows breathing is vital to life, but few understand how they can control their breathing to live better and even gain a competitive edge.

Most of our breathing is done with little or no thought. We just do it. Unfortunately, most of us are doing it wrong. Improper or unintentional breathing can lead to fatigue, anxiety, and even poor health. Everyone needs to realize that breathing is a variable in our lives which we can manipulate. With understanding, practice and greater intention, we can actually use our breathing to benefit our lives.

As a speaker I have learned how to manipulate my voice for greater impact. I have had to learn a great deal about breathing to change my volume, inflection, intensity, tone and more. I’ve even had to learn how to control my breathing to reduce anxiety and stress. (Still working on both, but I am a work in progress.)  I know professional entertainers and athletes who also use breathing techniques in similar ways. Professionals face the same concerns and fears everyone has, they just find solutions to solve them. Believe me, breathing is something everyone needs to learn more about and control.

I wanted to learn more about breathing, so I did some research and found the best videos about breathing and ordered the best book I could find on the subject of breathing.

Navy Seal Commander, Mark Devine showed me the importance of breathing and how to get started, in his videos and posts. I recommend you watch this video and read this blog post about breathing. Both helped me immensely and put me on the journey to better breathing. Mark’s SEAL Fit videos and contributions are worth checking out. I follow them on Instagram as well. Great daily reminders. Breathing is important to everyone, especially Navy Seals who repeatedly put themselves in high-stress situations. They don’t just survive, they thrive. Do you think they could teach us something about breathing? Heck, yes! Want to be elite? Breathe elite. It is the starting point of everything.

We can modify our breathing by changing its intensity, duration, depth, and speed. With practice, we can even recall breathing formulas to assist us in certain situations to gain an edge.

Athletes and performers know the importance of breathing, and you should too. Take some time to first become aware of the importance of your breathing. Next, become more intentional with your breathing. Doing nothing else, and learning nothing else, but just taking some time to focus on breathing and breathing deeper from time to time and adjusting your speed and duration, will go a long way.

I recommend reading the short and insightful book, Breathe: The Simple Revolutionary 14 Day Program Improve Your Mental & Physical Healthby Belisa Vranich. This book was extremely helpful to me. Great exercises for real results. I know… I know… it sounds crazy placing such a priority on breathing, but you will be amazed at how your life improves.

I also recommend trying Box Breathing.

Here’s how to employ the Box Breathing technique: 

1) Breathe in through your nose slowly, counting to 3. (If possible, close your eyes.)

2) Hold that breath, counting to 3.

3) Exhale that same breath, counting to 3.

4) Repeat the above steps 3 times in a row.

You can graduate to a four second hold once you get some reps in. This is just one of many, many exercises.

Better breathing can lead to better: mental state, digestion, blood pressure, heart function, blood flow, and overall health. Good breathing can also reduce headaches, anxiety, and a host of other ailments.

Learn more about breathing. Practice breathing better.

Here’s one of Mark’s videos that I think will help you out:

Thank you Mark and all who serve in The United States Armed Forces and all who serve in our local emergency services.


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