Book Review: The Encore Effect by Mark Sanborn

Encore Effect 225

I just finished Mark Sanborn’s book The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do. I highly recommend it to you, regardless of your occupation, because we should all be striving to improve, and The Encore Effect delivers.

Mark Sanborn is an amazing speaker, and his National Bestseller The Fred Factor is one of my favorite reads. I was excited to read The Encore Effect because I knew it would assist me on my quest to become a great speaker and performer, but like all good books, the lessons I learned applied to every aspect of my life. The Encore Effect improved not only my speaking, but helped be a better father, husband, educator, and artist. I highly recommend it not only for you, but for your entire team.

The Encore Effect highlights five areas for remarkable results: passion, preparation, practice, performance, and polish. In-depth explanations and engaging stories are aligned with each of the five points to hammer the lesson home in a fun and memorable way . This book really helped me reflect on some areas I really needed to improve on to raise my game and improve my life and career.

At 130 pages it makes a perfect traveling companion, and is loaded with take aways.  I’m adding The Encore Effect to my required reading list for those I mentor and coach, as well as my family. Everyone wants to raise their game, but not everyone knows how. The Encore Effect will offer you the edge you seek. Read and apply.

I encourage you to consider booking Mark Sanborn as a speaker for your next event, sign-up for his newsletter, or follow him on Twitter. He is an incredible guy, with some great advice.

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