Book Review: Mark Sanborn’s “The Fred Factor”

FredFactorI recently finished reading Mark Sanborn’s book The Fred Factor: How passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. It was a National Bestseller. I love this book! What a fresh approach to leadership, customer service, and personal growth! I cannot imagine a person in any field, whether it be raising a family, organizing a community service, or leading a Fortune 500 corporation that would not find incredible value in this book. I want my children to be Freds! I want to work with Freds! And most importantly, I want to be a Fred!

You’ve encountered them and more importantly you remember them. You know the ones: the people whowent above and beyond your expectations, those who took exceptional pride in the services they provided for you, the men and women that made you feel important, the seemingly rare 1% who work hard at making each detail right. What do you call those incredible individuals? Can’t find a name for them? Well, Mark Sanborn has. He labels them Freds, after the exceptional service he was provided by a postal carrier. Not only does Mark identify and label this unique type of person, he explores what makes them tick, why we love them, and how we can replicate their dedication and service in our corporations as well as in our personal lives.

This book shows identifies exactly what this special “Fred” quality is and why it is so important, how we can possess it, and most importantly how we can develop it in others. The book has a great forward by esteemed leadership writer John C. Maxwell and testimonials by legendary speakers Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy. I was honored to receive a signed copy of the book and write a review on it.

Mark Sanborn’s The Fred Factor is excellent book on leadership and personal success that should be read and shared by all. Corporate leaders will want to read learn how Mark Sanborn demonstrates how easy it is to replicate this awesome behavior in others. These same corporate leaders will want to hand out the books to their employees to offer an example of the type of employee they wish to retain. Parents, teachers, and coaches will enjoy this book for the same reason; The Fred Factor helps individuals become their best, and teaches how to bring out the best in others.

I highly recommend the Fred Factor to everyone interested in becoming their best and to those interested in leadership. It is a fun read full of interesting narratives, memorable lessons, and worthwhile examples. This book is packed with lots of take-aways that you can begin to apply immediately. Unlike some leadership books, Mark doesn’t talk down the reader, or make leadership sound like some unattainable state of being. He engages the reader in an easy to understand manner and the book flows as naturally as a conversation.

After reading The Fred Factor, it is to understand why it is a national bestseller and why Mark Sanborn is one of the most sought after and recognized speakers on leadership and customer service. If the Fred Factor isn’t on reading list, order it now.

I hope to one day meet Mark Sanborn and possibly share the stage with him at a leadership event and be a part of his powerful message.

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