Be Relentless!

Each and every day I check my mail and I see an increase in the marketing for Christmas. Advertisements galore! I have enough Christmas catalogs and advertisements to litter-train all of the 101 Dalmations.  But it doesn’t stop there.  There has been an increase of Christmas marketing in my email, on my television, and everywhere I go. We laugh each year and note how early the marketing begins.

Marketing! Advertisements! Commercials! Sales! Fliers! Discounts! Specials! Deals!

So much marketing! Why do they do it?

It’s simple. Marketing works.

I could protest, shun it, and write countless blogs about the absurdity of so much marketing. I could interview my poor mailman and retell his woes of the literal heaviness of delivering these must-have reminders for sales, gadgets, and discounts. But in the end, they will still arrive, because when it’s all said and done, they are effective. Again, marketing works.

Surrender? No, never surrender.  In fact, I recommend the opposite; join them. That’s right.  Become a relentless broadcaster of something timeless and meaningful. Something that truly embodies Christmas. Spread goodwill.

Remember goodwill?  That enchanting, magical dust, sprinkled from The Spirit of Christmas Present onto the poor in Dicken’s Christmas Carol. That overpowering urge to let someone pull out in front of you during a traffic backup. An anonymous gift of something small, to someone you think is first-class. The mailing of a thank-you card.  You know, being nice. Helpful. Friendly. Encouraging.

Goodwill often takes the backseat in this age of reality television that promotes a put-yourself-first mentality. That’s why we need you.

It would be great if one phone call or note was enough, but it’s not.  We learn that from our advertisers. How many times do you receive the exact same advertisement? Me too. Crazy, isn’t it?! (Remember though, it works.) No, we need you to say and do lots of encouraging things. Repeatedly.

Marketers have a mission behind their madness; they want to close a sale.  You need a goal behind your marketing of goodwill.  I suggest starting small. (Now, being a BIG thinker I just want to say ‘impact a life’ or something huge, but I’m gonna hold back. For now.) Let’s start with a smile. Can you get someone to smile? Move them toward feeling good? Catch that Christmas spirit? Encourage them enough to pass it forward?  I think you can.

I love little notes of encouragement. Positive quotes inspire me. A voicemail from a friend makes my day.  Emails from a friend with encouragement are a treasure.  In fact, anytime someone reaches out to me with the intention of goodwill, it makes my day. I’m sure the same holds true for you. I’m sure the same is true for those you love.

Be relentless.

Learn to say Merry Christmas with your eyes, your actions, and then finally, with your words.

And with that, I truly wish you a very Merry Christmas.

May your home be filled with love and laughter, peace and prosperity, health and happiness.



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