Are Leaders Made or Born? I Have the Answer.

The mural in my high school weight room read “Champions are Made not Born.”  Is the same true of leaders?

Last weekend a friend of mine asserted the notion to me that leaders are born with that something special that makes them so. He really is a leader, so I gave the matter some thought.

The answer came easily. He was right! Leaders are born.

Yep. It’s that simple. Leaders really are born with that special something that enables them to influence others and accomplish something for the greater good. There is no question about it.

But here’s the catch…

Without question, each and every one of us are born to lead.  Yep, every one of us is born with that special something to lead others.  One hundred out of every hundred have it.  The problem is that 99 out of every hundred don’t know how to awaken it, summon it, or call it to action.  That special something lies dormant and undiscovered.

There are times when situations arouse that leader within.  The eighteen year old marine in Afghanistan that 9 months earlier wouldn’t raise his hand in math class becomes a leader under the pressure and circumstances of war.  The high school football player that didn’t talk once during the season, steps forward at his award’s banquet to inspire underclassman to avoid temptations of alcohol and drugs.

More often than not, men and women will not be confronted with the circumstances that activate their internal leader, but when and if they do, training and experience become of the utmost significance.  Couldn’t a leader become even a better leader through experience, training, role models, influence, and practice? Absolutely.

The books we read, the people we meet and the challenges we take on matter.  Leadership is not reserved for just those holding political office or dominating the boardrooms of corporations. Leaders are those brave enough to raise a family, teach a class, volunteer for community service, coach a sports team, start a carpool, petition for a better community, write a letter to the editor, and more.  The call to lead resonates in everyone brave enough to answer it, and strive to make our world better.

I have taught and coached for over twenty years and I have heard a common request by parents, teachers, and coaches alike; we need more leaders.  They recognize the realization that leadership not only makes a difference in our homes, schools, and communities, it is the difference. Unfortunately each believes the other is doing what is necessary to help forge our future leaders.

Leadership is a resource that cannot be taken for granted, and it certainly won’t be solved by a population boom.

Each of us needs to take real measures to insure that those we can influence, are being influenced. Do not rely on others to make certain leadership is at the forefront of our schools, athletics, politics, and families. Become involved. Support leadership programs that challenge our youth. Make books and other quality resources on leadership readily available to those within your industry and home. And most importantly serve as a positive role model for leadership toward others and discuss what qualities you believe make a strong leader and how they can be obtained.

For my part, I will continue to write and speak about leadership to anyone that will read or listen.  I am convinced of its worth and its ability to make a difference. This summer I will host my second annual youth leadership conference. I need your help. I need speakers, funding, a venue, attendees, and for the word to spread.  My dream is always to fill a room and to inspire those who enter. We may never know what impact we will have, but we will certainly know what impact we will have if we do nothing.

Please visit and take a look around, and contact me about how you would like to help.

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Kelly Croy is a chalk artist and professional speaker. His presentations have entertained and amazed audiences across the nation including corporations, schools, churches, conferences, and numerous other venues where people come together to be entertained and improve their lives. Please consider booking Kelly for your next event.