The Eight Actions to Take When Faced With a Challenge

Eight actions to take when you are faced with a challenge:

1) Remain confident. Your confidence will serve you well and get you through hard times. You can’t panic or worry. That’s not what leaders do. If you are starting to feel that way it’s time for you to review your assets and visualize a successful outcome. If at all possible find something good about what happened and make solving it admirable and if at all possible, fun.

2) Don’t worry about embarrassment nor take it personally. Time will wear those concerns away, and success will do the same even more quickly. Your energy should be spend on solutions. Worry robs us of our creativity and vitality.

3) Focus on and accept the problem. Don’t look for someone to pin this on nor pretend it’s not actually happening. Leaders aren’t looking for problems, but when one pops up they should be the first to identify and address them. Remember, you’re not really a leader unless you are facing a problem. The rest of the time you are just a person with a title. Greek and Roman myths teach us much and one point is clear: the bigger the problem the greater the hero.

4) Rally the Team. Yes, you are the leader, but you don’t face challenges alone. (Would you accept all of the credit of a success?) Now is the time for you to call your advisors forward and get help from your team and network. You are surrounded by people that can help and want to help. You need to delegate responsibilities and keep everyone focused. You don’t have to be a complete original. Get your team figuring out who has successfully dealt with this problem and see if it may will work for you. Bring them on board as a consultant. Leaders maximize the utilization of all of the resources they have in confronting a challenge.

5) Formulate and communicate the plan. In times of crisis it is best to figure out who needs to know what is going on and inform them. That list must include those that will be impacted negatively despite how uncomfortable it may feel. Be flexible. In times of challenges and crisis you must keep the lines of communication open and be willing to try multiple tactics or new approaches.

6) Take action! Hoping the problem goes away is meaningless. Get involved and get after it. Make certain that you, the leader, are involved in the work, especially some of the unpopular jobs. Doing so will

7) Evaluate your outcomes. What is working? Should you try something else? Are your resources and team being utilized effectively? What do we need to start doing, keep doing, and stop doing?

8.) Repeat steps 1-7.

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