We Need You! Creating a Culture of Engagement

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People need to hear the words, “We need you.”

If you want an engaged work force, they need to know they are valued!

Write a note. Make a call. Announce it in your newsletter.

Let your employees, family members, and teammates know you need them, and that they add value on a regular basis. Don’t wait until the yearly evaluation or exit interviews, or when there’s a problem to let them know. Let them know what their purpose is on your team, whether it’s business, sports, or home, regularly.

People Matter.

Everyone in your organization needs to be reminded of how they play a part. Remind them that they are a part of the team and a part of the vision.

Communication as a leader is crucial and one the most important messages you can deliver is reminding each member how they contribute to the overall vision and success.

Never let anyone feel like they aren’t a part of the big picture. Each member should personalize the organization’s vision with a specific emphasis on their role.

Many companies and programs struggle with retention. It’s a costly problem for organizations because they have to retrain and cover the absence.  This is true in sports programs, corporations, and everywhere people work together for a common goal. People leave because they no longer feel they have anything to contribute and that is primarily the fault of the leader. Take the time to review regularly with your team their role, responsibilities, and contributions. This vital step will eliminate most problems before they arise.

Most retention problems don’t occur because of salaries, playing time, bonuses, or awards.  People leave and become disengaged because they no longer feel they matter. They feel unwanted and have no purpose. Everyone wants to have a purpose.

A problem with retention isn’t just a financial concern, it also speaks volumes of your organization and your leadership. It grows and becomes a marketing problem, customer service problem, and more. Why do people keep leaving? Why can’t they keep people? Do I want to part of something where you feel undervalued and unappreciated?  No. No one does.

Good leaders communicate that purpose to each member regularly. They connect the member to the vision, and the vision to the member.  Making the connection doesn’t have to be all praise either. Sometimes the leader can make show the person’s value by correcting how they aren’t contributing to the vision fully. Express the words, “We need you.  You are an important part of our vision. You matter.”

If a member needs redirection well that becomes part of the regular informal evaluation process. You can identify an area for improvement in a positive way.  We have to do what our boss says, yet we want to do what the leader says. Big difference. Leaders are able to make everyone stand an inch taller, work a little harder, and on occasion do what shouldn’t even be possible. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s amazing. Maybe you have too. We remember these leaders, and we remember they didn’t accomplish it through fear. People wanted to give to the bigger vision.

As the leader you need to communicate the sentiment : As the leader, I acknowledge the contribution you make to our overall vision, and it is important.  Or even more simply: What you do matters. You matter.  This needs to be done with every person on the team. From the designer of the product to the person that delivers it.

Once that person feels (not just hears) that sentiment, you can help them grow in ways to make an even stronger contribution to what your organization is all about.


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