My One Word for 2018

How Choosing a One Word Theme for the Year Improves Life

For the past few years, I have watched with fascination on social media as people proclaim there “one-word” theme for the upcoming year. The concept is to choose a word that represents the theme you want to focus on, in this year of your life.

The idea clearly works upon the knowledge that as we improve in one area, that improvement bleeds into other areas of our life.

There are blog posts, videos, books, and even jewelry that embrace this concept of a one-word, annual theme.

The concept I used this year was to find one word that covers three important areas of my life.

This is my first year embracing this concept.

My one word for 2018 is “FIT”.

I believe the word fit sums up much of what I wish to accomplish in 2018,

In 2018, I want:

  • to be physically fit.
  • to be financially fit.
  • to fit time each day for my projects and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your one word for 2018 and use it to help measure the next decision you make. We are each trying to make the next, best decision in our life. If mine doesn’t align with “fit” I hope to summon the strength to pass.

Remember, choosing your one-word is a great start, but you have to live it each day.

Here are some books that go much deeper into this one-word for the year concept:

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One thought on “My One Word for 2018

  1. Kelly – mine’s similar this year – Health. Mental health, physical health, and prioritizing so my health takes first place instead of tenth. 😉 It’s all connected! Thanks for sharing FIT! Here’s to 2018!

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