Leadership: Six Areas of Focus

What is leadership?

I have seen men and women who have been elected, appointed, volunteered, and even thrust into leadership positions, that had no idea what they were supposed to do.  Some mistakenly thought their job was to boss everyone else around.  Others thought they were to change everything from the way the previous leader had it.  Still others thought a leader was the only person that should talk or make decisions. In an age that so desperately needs great leaders, it is sad to find so few, and with that realization, I share these six elements to help you grow as a leader.

A leader is someone that makes an impact in the lives of others and encourages them to make a positive difference in the world we live. A leader is a person who sets an example for others to follow and has the ability to influence others into action.  A leader does this by discovering the best in others and drawing it out of them, and guiding them to a greater life.

Leaders truly create an impact in the lives of others. They model the way things should be done so well that others wish to follow a similar path. Leaders know the dreams of the people around them and they help make those dreams obtainable; genuine appreciation and loyalty follow. Leaders hold everyone around them to a higher level, challenging them to become their best.

What makes a great leader?  Do you need to be elected to a high office, manage a Fortune 500 company, or lead a team to a world championship?  While those accomplishments may be excellent models of leaders, they may not always be able to verbalize the qualities of great leaders. No, the requirements and qualifications of a leader are woven into the lives of everyone that aspires to bring out the best in others. Leaders are found in the parents who raise great children, teachers that inspire students to become contributing members of society, and everywhere we find someone willing to make a difference.

Here are the six areas to focus on to become a better leader:

1) Attitude: A good attitude is the most important element in leadership. Period.

2) Wisdom: there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom. Possessing both are ideal, but the latter is the king of leadership.

3) Tenacity: Be a contender.  Enjoy the thrill of a challenge and competition.

4) Communication: Become a master communicator.

5) Vision: Promote a vision that others willfully seek.

6) Authenticity: Living an authentic life is paramount to maintaining your credibility as a leader and leaving a lasting impact on others.

My next six posts will look at each area in greater detail.


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