What are Kelly’s programs like?

All programs feature a motivational message and lots of humor along with a beautiful multi-media, fine art demonstration.
How long is a typical presentation?
45-60 minutes, depending on the age group.

What type of groups are Kelly’s programs suitable for?
Kelly’s program and the messages that he shares have a universal appeal. Ages 2-82 have all enjoyed his program in the past. He has shared his art and words from groups recognizing excellence at award banquets to conference keynotes.


Can Kelly customize his message to match our event theme?
Yes, if given plenty of notice and information about your specific needs.

What size is the drawing that Kelly creates during his presentation?

 Six by eight feet.


What is the cost of having Kelly come and speak to my group?
Fees are based on several factors: the number of programs to be presented, length of stay at the event, and location of the event (for travel expenses). Kelly has several presentations designed to fit virtually any budget. Please email with details of your event for a specific estimate. There is a 20% deposit due within 14 days of booking. Please check contract for cancellation policies.

What other expenses are involved?
You will be asked to provide construction supplies for the drawing frame, a drop cloth, a queen-size bed sheet, and chalk. Total cost approximately $75.00.
What happens to the drawing after the program?
Usually Kelly will donate the drawing to the group that hosted him.
Please contact Kelly at: 1-800-831-4825