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Kelly Croy has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations become their best. Kelly shares his words and art with thousands across the nation each year. Kelly’s book, Along Came a Leader, inspires readers around the world to improve their personal and professional leadership and make a difference in the lives of others. Kelly has been speaking, writing, and sharing his unique performance art since 1991.

Today, Kelly is an acclaimed speaker, author, and artist. His message has been shared with international audiences, and his work has received recognition in the New York TimesWall Street Journal, CNN, and USA Today. He has been recognized  by such acclaimed organizations as PBS, Google, Apple, and more! His artwork is on display in galleries, business offices, schools and board rooms around the country. His editorial cartoons have received international recognition. 

Kelly is also the founder of Wired Educator Consulting, an Ohio based organization, whose mission is to re-energize education by developing world-class resources that inspire administrators and educators to rediscover their ability to make an impact on the lives of students.

Kelly’s personal interests include art, literature, guitar, spirituality, and spending time with his wife Lorrain and their children Allyson, Carolyne, Jaclyn and Jillyan.

Kelly has been the keynote  in arenas with more than eight thousand in attendance, spoken to hundreds in school auditoriums, and shared his art and wisdom to smaller, personal audiences of just a few dozen in meeting halls and board rooms across the nation. Kelly is perfect for your event!

Kelly’s Speaking Topics Include:

•A Spectacular Keynote Kickoff for Your Event: Kelly will ignite, inspire and challenge your audience unlike any presenter you have ever experience. This custom keynote is combination of an inspiring message, an art performance brought to life with a musical score. This is the speaker your audience will remember and talk about for many years. Perfect for event kickoffs, recognition dinners, banquets, fundraisers, and conference openings.

• Along Came a Leader: No matter what the challenge is, leadership is the answer. A presentation for of wit, wisdom, and some laugh-out-loud  humor, Kelly will present six actions every individual and organization can implment to become a better leader personally and professionally. This presentation is the condensed wisdom from Kelly’s book, Along Came a Leader. Everyone goes home with a signed copy of Kelly’s book.

• Be the Onion Ring: This fun keynote is full of humor and practical take-aways that illustrate exactly how your organization can best use recognition and reward internally and with your clients. Be the difference that makes a difference! Unexpected, unplanned, authentic, and quite simple acts of recognition will transform your organization inside leading to better leaders, higher morale, greater efficiency, and a genuine rapport with cients that will make your group stand out amongst all competitors.

• The Lighthouse: One of Kelly’s most requested presentations. Kelly uses his artistic skills to turn a mess into a masterpiece combined with a message, right before the audience’s eyes and then bring it to life with computer animation. Lighthouses indicate the best direction for travelers to follow and point out the many dangers that lie ahead, just like good leaders. This warm, fun, and exhilirating presentation drives home the message that every single person has a unique contribution, and with teamwork and collaboration, any mess can be transformed into message and ultimately a masterpiece. Again, Kelly’s trademark presentation and most booked.

(Kelly has over seven unique art presentation that can be brought to life with animation, and countless others such as portraits of iconic figures in history which are not computer enhanced. You can inquire for more details.)

If you would like specific speaking topics in your particular field please click on the appropriate link below, or just send Kelly a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How Organizations and Business Leaders use Kelly: Kelly has offers three powerful presenations to help aid businesses in the areas of leadership, teamwork and productivity.   Titles, annotations and testimonials will be sent out upon request.

How Educational Leaders & Schools use Kelly: Kelly has crafted three inspiring presenations for educators and administrators. These presentations are a great way to recognize teachers and highight our continuous aim to build a positive, unique learning environment that students are excited to enter and to rekindle every educator’s aim to make a difference and impact in each student’s life.  Kelly is a teacher! Kelly also has to fun-filled, high energy presenations for students on leadership/bullying and Be The Onion Ring, on becoming your personal best! Titles, annotations and testimonials will be sent out upon request.

How Faith Leaders use Kelly: Kelly inspires with several memorable presenations for the various seasons and celebrations of the year. Young, old, and everyone in between marvel at the beauty of the art, feel inspired and challenged by the message, and laugh out loud at humor of his stories.  Titles, annotations and testimonials will be sent out upon request.

(Many of Kelly’s presentations can include a live art performance that is choreographed to a muscial score and brought to life with computer animation.)

Please send me information on Kelly’s speaking:

Kelly Croy is a chalk artist and keynote speaker.

He has entertained and amazed audiences across the nation

including corporations, schools, churches, conferences,

and anywhere people come together to be entertained and inspired.

Please consider booking Kelly for your next event.






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