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Help Me Decide on a Title for My Book:

My book on leadership has taken many twists, turns, and revisions. The writing is finally finished, and I have just one more chapter to edit.  I will publish first on the Kindle and then pursue a printed book. The entire time I wrote the book I had a title in mind, but now I think I have a better one, and I’d like your feedback.

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Parenting an Artist

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I have heard a lot of people tell me that they were born without an artistic gene in their body, and that they don’t have any artistic skill. But I don’t really believe it.

I believe everyone is born with a desire and the natural ability to create and express themselves artistically. It’s what happens once you start making the art that determines whether or not you’ll continue as an artist.

Children take to art naturally. They create architecture with wooden blocks, sculptures with Play-Dough, and wonderful works of expression with paint, crayons, sticks, mud, legos, and any other medium they can get their hands on and use. They even create art with their food at the dinner table! Children are born artists.

As we grow, we create art, and it is either encouraged or deterred.

The encouraged become the artists of the world. They see what others miss. They create expressive works. They add value.

The deterred are still artists, but just need an awakening. They need a little encouragement, an opportunity, a gentle nudge. Some of the deterred rediscover their artistic talents later in life. They paint the picture, write the novel, bake the cake. Sadly, many others never find it. They cling to the fallacy that they just weren’t born with that special gene.

I am fortunate that my parents encouraged me.

Here’s how my parents helped unleash the artist within me.

My parents:

Rediscover Advent by Matthew Kelly: A Book Review

Matthew Kelly is one of my favorite authors and speakers. He is a New York Times best-selling author of over fourteen books, a world renowned speaker, and business consultant to more than thirty-five Fortune 500 companies. I am proud to call him a friend and he is certainly an important influence in my life. Last week he sent me a copy of Rediscover Advent. It was the only book of his I haven’t read, and with the stores already decorating and advertising for Christmas, I guess I was ready for a book about ‘The Season’ as well. I am glad I read it early, because there is much I discovered and wish to share with you.

First and foremost, Rediscover Advent is more of a devotional, to be shared during the Advent season, rather than one to be read in a setting or two. At 94 pages it certainly can be read quickly, but that is not its intention. The book is divided into five sections. The first four are devoted to each week of Advent, and the fifth to Christmas Day itself. Each section is broken down for a reading each day complete with Scripture, Meditation, Reflection, and

Chalk Art Tribute to Steve Jobs

A tribute to Steve Jobs:

Kelly Croy is a chalk artist and professional speaker.

He has entertained and amazed audiences across the nation

including corporations, schools, churches, conferences,

and anywhere people come together to be entertained and inspired.

Please consider booking Kelly for your next event.